Greens & Gills: Know Your Food. Fresh. Healthy. Local

  • The first licensed Aquaponic farm in Chicago
  • Get the freshest and healthiest local produce.
  • A new age of farming is coming your way.

Greens & Gills is your premiere Chicago source for local produce grown indoors using aquaponic farming techniques. Our indoor aquaponic growing systems create local produce and local jobs in a sustainable farming environment in what was a vacant industrial space (now called The Plant Using the latest technology for lighting and farming methods, Greens & Gills grows pesticide free produce that you will feel good about eating.

Indoor farming allows the produce to be safe from bugs and unpredictable weather conditions, pesticides and diseases. Vertical growing technology is one of the most sustainable ways for people in city centers to have access to fresh and healthy produce year in and year out.

We are able to reduce energy costs from transportation and distribution which is tremendously cost and time effective. No need for your micro greens and basil to travel for 1000 miles and be subjected to heat and improper handling. Get your micro greens the way they were meant to be enjoyed, and as fresh as they can get.

Our indoor aquaponic growing systems reuses 97% fresh water. We don’t use herbicides or pesticides in our produce. We only deliver within a few miles from the city. You can guarantee that all our local produce is fresh and healthy all year long!

The Aquaponic Growing System

A combination of conventional aquaculture and hydroponics is what makes the food production system of aquaponics work.

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (raising plants with nutrient rich water) in the same water system. It is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in water and nutrients recirculating environment. Aquaponic systems discharge virtually no water. In today’s world, with advanced plumbing, water filtration and lighting technologies, aquaponic methods of growing plants and farming fish are the next step in hydroponics.

Individually, aquaculture and hydroponics have downsides in terms of expenses and waste disposal. But merged together, the result is a cost-efficient method with double-ended results.
Through latest technologies, aquaponic systems require no bending, no weeding, no fertilizers and use about the same power it takes to run a few light globes. It’s what many call the next step in modern-age indoor farming.

Nelson and Pade Inc. designed the growing system used by Greens & Gills. It features Aquaponic tanks to raise the fish, filtration tanks and grow beds. It took a year to perfect the process and allow Greens & Gills to become the first licensed Aquaponic farm in Chicago.

Greens & Gills uses tilapia fish to fuel its indoor farm. This is the most common breed of fish used in aquaponic systems because they are resilient.

The life cycle of our plants is simple. Basil, for example, spends two weeks sprouting in the plant table, then two weeks growing under the LED lights, until finally maturing for a final two weeks in the rafts. The basil is harvested and packaged for nearby restaurants such as Sienna Tavern for pizza and pasta.